Overseas Foundation Performing Arts Award -- November 2011

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Award Description:


Title: Overseas Foundation Performing Arts Award

A Merit-Based scholarship awarded by Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation


Description and Qualification:

Overseas Foundation Performing Arts Award (the "Award" is a merit-based scholarship awarded by Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation (the "Overseas Foundation" or "Foundation"). It is made possible by the generous donation of Ms. Tianyin Shi ('84).

This award is intended to recognize students that have demonstrated exceptional talent and passion in one or more of the areas of performing arts, including musical instruments, vocal music, and dance etc. Our mission is to seek out and support exceptional and aspiring young performers who for lack of existing opportunity, personal background or circumstance, would not have been able to achieve their most ambitious goals, or their talent's greatest potential without the foundation's support. The foundation is committed to continue Fuzhong's legacy of encouraging students to pursue interests outside the academic curriculum and fostering diversity and individuality among the student body.


Amount: RMB 2,000 per person


Award Committee (the Committee):

The Award Committee consists of committee members of the Overseas Foundation and Ms. Tianyin Shi.


Eligibility: All current full time students with good standing at Fudan Fuzhong.


Application: Applicants must submit the attached application form and a sample of performance in the format of audio or video clips by November 27, 2011 to awards@fdfzalumni.org. We recommend all applicants to send their samples via www.yousendit.comor www.rapidsharecom. Please see Q5 of Q&A for instructions.


Selection Process: The Award Committee will review the applications including performance samples. The Committee reserves the right to verify candidate eligibility through fact checking, due diligences, and with references if needed.


One or two applicants will be chosen to receive the award on or around December 9, 2011. The recipients will be chosen based on the mastery of performing skills, and the originality of interpreting the chosen work in a personal and creative fashion. The award recipients will be notified in person via email and letter. The award will be presented around December 30, 2011.


Bio of Ms. Tianyin Shi:


High School, Fudan Fuzhong,1984

Radio & Television in Journalism Department, Fudan University, 1989

Finance, MBA, Temple University USA,1995

Tianyin worked in financial industry for over 12 years. She is currently a Director of Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management.


Artistic background:

青春万岁 -- Best Supporting Actress Nominee of the 7th Baihua Film Awards in 1984 at age 16.

Wood & Word -- Best Experimental Short Movies of Student Academy Award USA in 1994.


Q & A:


Q1: Who is eligible for applying for the Award?

All current full time students with good standing at Fudan Fuzhong.


Q2: How does the selection process work?


The Executive Committee of the Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation will collect and aggregate all applications by November 27, 2011. The members of the award committee will independently review all the applications and make their respective nominations of two candidates to the committee. The nominations will be based on the professional opinions of Tianyin Shi and outside experts if consulted, as well as on EC members' aesthetic judgments on the mastery of the applicants' performing skills and the originality of interpretation in a personal and creative manner.


A round of voting will then take place to narrow down the number of final nominees to no more than two (2). If such is not possible due to lack of consensus, a round of discussion will ensue followed by yes-or-no voting on each nominee. Each committee member can cast no more than two (2) yes-votes in that round. The two (2) nominees with the highest number of votes will be given the award. If there is a tie or a vote-concentration on fewer than one nominee, the committee reserves the right to break the tie or to reduce the number of awardees to no fewer than one (1) through a final round of discussion and voting.


Q3: What will be the required format of the essay?

The essay should be composed in Chinese, typed and submitted electronically as an email attachment in either MS Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format. See the attachment for details. Please know shorter essays will not negatively impact your candidacy as long as they convey all the main points described in the application.


Q4: What will be the required format of the performance sample?

Each applicant is required to submit either an audio or a video clip of a complete solo performance. The applicant is strongly encouraged to select his/her sample thoughtfully in order to fully demonstrate his/her technicality as well as interpretive skills.


Q5: How do I send you my performance sample electronically?

We recommend all applicants use www.yousendit.com or www.rapidshare.com to upload their performance samples. The website is free, fast, safe and easy to use. Please use awards@fdfzalumni.org as the recipient, and use YOUR NAME as the file name. The max size is 100MB. For any technical assistance, please contact awards@fdfzalumni.org, and we will walk you through the upload process.


Q6: Is this award recurring?

Yes, as long as it is financially viable, it is the intension of the Committee to make the Award a yearly event.


Q7: What is your relation with the school?

Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation is founded in the United States by a group of Fuzhong alumni. It is a not-for-profit charitable organization registered in the State of Connecticut with a US 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status.


Q8: What is the currency of the cash award?

The cash award will be given in RMB 2,000 to each award recipient.


Q9: What other awards do you administrate? Can I apply for other award sponsored by the Overseas Foundation?

The Overseas Foundation currently gives out awards in two distinct categories, need-based and merit-based.


Need-based: "Give A Hand" Wang Jialian Scholarship is intended to provide financial aid to disadvantaged students who are in a trying financial situation due to various reasons including but not limited to low family income, family illness, and etc. Through the Scholarship, the committee would also like to connect domestic and overseas Fuzhong alumni with Fuzhong students to continue the legacy of helping one another in building a strong alumni community.


Merit-based: In addition to the Arts Award, the Overseas Foundation recently sponsored a Social Contribution Award to recognized students who demonstrated sensitivity in identifying unmet needs in a community, taken significant initiative in mobilizing resources and in designing solutions, and made meaningful steps towards the betterment of the community.


The Overseas Foundation is also in the process of creating other awards. Please check our website www.fdfzalumni.orgperiodically for announcements. You are encouraged to apply for any or all of the awards.


Q10: If I have questions not answered by the Q & A, how can I get it clarified?

You can either check back on the awards section of the Overseas Foundation website http://www.fdfzalumni.org/artaward.htm, or you can email us at awards@fdfzalumni.org to expect a response within 48 hours.

Files Download:

Application Packet   (Chinese