Summary for the 2013 Performing Arts Award

On December 27, 2013, an award ceremony was held at Fudan Fuzhong jointly by the Foundation and the school. Lining up first on the ceremony agenda, the Foundation announced the recipients of the 2013 Performing Arts Award. Thanks to the continuous support from Ms. SHI Tianyin, this is the sixth year of the award at Fuzhong. The Foundation is honored to act as the agency for our alumni to deliver positive impact to current Fuzhong students. The Performing Arts Award greatly encourages the pursuit of various forms of performing arts among Fuzhong students.

After rounds of reference checks and internal discussion, the Award Committee decided to select WEI Zhaohan and SHI Yuchen as the award recipients of the year. WEI Zhaohan, a senior III student, is one of our award recipients last year. Through her application, the Foundation was delighted to learn that Zhaohan invested the financial award she received last year on her music education. The Committee further noticed that she had made significant progress in the past year and adopted a more systematic approach to her music composition. Considering the talent and the commitment that Zhaohan had shown, the Foundation decided to give her the award the second time. We wish this award can help her set up the foundation for her pursuit of the career as a professional musician.

SHI Yuchen, also a senior III student, stands out as another clear winner during the award review process. Through his application, he demonstrated strong technical skills in the performance of clarinet. Listening to his performance sample, the Committee was impressed by his skill as well as his deep understanding of the music. In addition, he successfully leveraged the advantage of piano accompaniment to better convey his understanding and touch behind the melody.

President of the Foundation JIANG Fanghua and Executive Committee member QIAN Hang attended the ceremony. The two award recipients received CNY 2,000 each from the Foundation to further support their pursuit of art. The ceremony was continued with the school announcing the winners of the school-wide History Academic Competition and the Harvard Book Award. Later in the process, we are also delighted to learn about the experience of the two participating students of the HWeek program, which is financially sponsored by the Foundation. Lastly, the award ceremony was concluded by the Party Secretary Mr. WANG Deyao.

 Performance Samples

The Moment Of Strength - WEI Zhaohan

Weber: Clarinet Concerto #2 - SHI Yuchen