We made a RPG game <FDFZ once more> so that you can time-travel to when you were at FDFZ.

The game's main character is a female student named JINGJIA, at FDFZ - High School Affiliated to Fudan University, located in Shanghai. Though JINGJIA has a normal high school life including academics, Chinese ancient poetry competition and club activities, it is also possible to trigger special stories to meet your soul mate when graduating from FDFZ.


Here is a link to the game:

Mobile Device Browser: (not available since game is under review)


Desktop Browser:



Specials thanks to the below volunteers:

Game Designer: Mengxing Lin (09) Xiaotong Chen (15)
Story Writer: Xiaotong Chen (15) Mengxing Lin (09) Qizhao Weng (09) Yiran Cheng (12)

Photography :陈依纯(17) 洪金子(17) 张嘉文(17) 贺榕莹(18)

Game Test:

林梦醒(09) 程逸然(12) 郭子能(15) 袁嘉仪(16) 宋心迪(15) 徐展(15) 周宇轩(15) 陈彦林(17) 柯润东(08) 王琳妮(陈晓桐高中语文老师兼班主任) 阎俊(陈晓桐高中政治老师)





If you want to know the special stories, please follow our Official Wechat Account: 


and type in the name of the male characters.