2018 Reading List Donation Drive

Dear alumni and friends, remember the FFOF Summer Reading List we shared with you last week? A couple of good books are always a good way to start off the summer. This year, we are launching our first Reading List Donation Drive to help Fudan Fuzhong buy more English books in the Student Resource Center (知缘阁). The list of books we are buying covers various genres, including but not limited to fiction, science and biography. Some of the books from this year’s Summer Reading List will be included as well! In the past years, we donated hundreds of books to Fuzhong. Our goal this year is to raise USD$4,000 (~200 books). An anonymous donor will match 1 dollar to every dollar donated until we reach our goal.

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Updated as of 08/01/2018

Donation Duration: 1 month (7/29/2018 – 8/29/2018)

Fund Deployment: All money left from book buying this year will be saved in the Reading List Donation Fund, and be used in the following year.


Help us enrich Fudan Fuzhong's library today!