2014 Summer Reading Award Summary

This year, we have received 38 pieces from students and the selection process has been enjoyable. We were enlightened reading through the selections and are proud of the extremely well-written and thoughtful work from our students. We are delighted to see the outcome and really hoped the students have enjoyed the readings we recommended.

We appreciate the time everyone has put in to make this happen. As a conclusion to our first ever Summer Reading List project sponsored by the Foundation, we recognize the following as this year's award recipients:

Outstanding Award: First Prize winners

Second Prize winners:

  • 杨逸菲 - "All the Fantasy Reflects Cruel Reality - Life of Pi" (Senior II)
  • 廖梓含 - "Review of Life of Pi" (Senior II)
  • 腾凯欣 - "Review of Life of Pi" (Senior III)

Third Prize winners:

  • 于晟汇 - "Curiosity and Philosophy - Sophie's World" (Senior II)
  • 王源远 - "Why Freakonomics is a Must-Read? - Freakonomics" (Senior II)
  • 薛忆枫 - “Time and Life - Einstein's Dream" (Senior III)

For students who did not write their essay based on our book list, we would like to recognize the following:

  • 李锦程 - “Issues on Prejudice and Humanity - To Kill a Mocking Bird" (Senior II)
  • 陈伊纯 - “Arts and Politics - Les Miserables" (Senior I)
  • 秦政 - “The Failure of Lady Macbeth - Macbeth" (Senior II)
  • 胡星宇 - “Animal Farm - A Reflection of the Truth - Animal Farm" (Senior II)
  • 周陈成 - “The Prophetic World of 1984 - 1984" (Senior III)
  • 汤妮 - "The Fight Club - The Fight Club" (Senior III)
  • 王浩然 - “Something about Pride & Prejudice - Pride and Prejudice" (Senior II)

Lastly, we want to give a special thanks to Mr. Geng Jun and the English Department at Fuzhong for the gracious support throughout the process, and most importantly, to everyone who participated. We hope to see your work again next year.