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"Three Paths to Green Card" - an Immigration Seminar

On Nov. 17th, 2013, Seventeen alumni and their five friends gathered at the luxury riverside residence on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to participate in Foundation's special seminar on immigration "Three Paths to Green Card". The seminar was presented by attorney Owen Gu from Zhang & Associates, the biggest Chinese-owned law firm in the US.

In the well-appointed party space, the evening started with an 8-course buffet from S. Dynasty, a restaurant favored by our past poker tournaments. Over full-flavored Chinese food, attendees, foundation members and the speaker chatted about work, school, city life and the theme of the night, the US immigration process. Most guests wanted to understand the best way to obtain a green card that befits their unique circumstances, a quest not helped by the often confusing immigration laws. Others, however, are already permanent residence or citizens just looking for a great social time.

Minhua Zhang ('00), director of fund-raising, welcomed guests with an introduction to the 7-year old foundation. The seminar was the first of its kind held by the FFOF but definitely not the first in its tradition of hosting events whose sole purpose is to benefit overseas alumni.

At 7 o'clock, in the adjacent auditorium, Minhua gave an introduction to the speaker to kick off the 2- hour long, information-filled seminar. Attorney Gu, an accomplished lawyer and a talented speaker, first gave an overview of qualifications fit for a green card application: academic excellence, professional achievements or investments in the US that creates job opportunities. He then explained each process in pain-staking details, answering over a dozen questions from the floor citing various real-life scenarios. Attorney Gu also advised on immigration strategies drawing heavily from his extensive background in business. The seminar was enthusiastically received and proved to be highly helpful to all attendees.

As the night concludes, the foundation is proud to be able to offer its members an invaluable service. It also looks forward to helping alumni and friends in all possible ways. If you have suggestions on what the foundation can do to achieve that goal, please feel free to email us at

November 17, 2013


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