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Tenth Annual Spring Luncheon at KTCHN Restaurant

  • KTCHN Restaurant 508 West 42nd Street New York, NY, 10036 United States (map)

Fudan Fuzhong is the springtime of our youth,
the birth of our dreams, the scent of our wisteria flowers.
For those living overseas,
it also embodies the unforgettable memories of our hometown.

In the blink of an eye, our Fudan Fuzhong Overseas Foundation is ushering in its 10th year anniversary. We invite you to our annual luncheon of 2016 to celebrate this special event with us.

2014 the 8th annual luncheon

2014 the 8th annual luncheon

Our non-profit organisation has continuously grown with new graduating alumni each year, from its founding five members to all 52 states. Our alumni have taken each step to contribute the society, giving back to Fudan Fuzhong, our hometown high school. 

Through the Teach Excellence Award, we thank our teachers' dedication to cultivating the youth of tomorrow. And through the Social Contribution Award and Performing Art Award, we encourage students to experience extracurricular activities.The Wang Jialian "Give A Hand" Scholarship provides financial aid to disadvantaged students. In addition, our Summer Reading List and Humans of Fudan Fuzhong connect junior and senior alumni around the globe. So far we have raised nearly $200,000 US dollars from alumni in the last ten years, motivating the foundation to continue promoting the development of education.

This year, we welcome all alumni, whether you are an established professional or a recent graduate, to our 2016 luncheon. Limited edition 10th year anniversary gifts and video clips from our beloved teachers will be presented. We are one family, one blood. Past or future, we stand united.

Please come join us for a wonderful afternoon of celebration and joy.