2014 Wang Jialian “Give A Hand” Need-based Scholarship Award Summary

In November 2014, 15 students were selected to receive the "Give-A-Hand" Wang Jialian Scholarship (the "Scholarship"). The Foundation is committing a total of CNY 85,000 / USD 13,700 towards the award for the academic year of 2014 - 2015. Now in its 8th year, the Scholarship is intended to provide financial aid to disadvantaged students who are in a trying financial situation. Among the 15 selected recipients, 11 are Tibetan students. We have established more rigorous procedure to effectively reaching this group of comparatively underprivileged and underserved students. The selected students will receive the aid in two installments. The selection process involves application submission, reference checks and careful internal deliberation. 

Consistent with the academic year of 2013 - 2014, the award amount is set in three tiers based on financial circumstances of the applicant pool: CNY 3,000, CNY 5,000 and CNY 7,000. The average award amount per recipient is CNY 5,700, similar to previous year's results. Due to the larger number of applications, the Foundation is deploying 35% more in aggregate towards the Scholarship compared to last year. In addition, Foundation has broadened its award publicity by targeting both local Fuzhong students and Tibetan Fuzhong students. 

On December 11, 2014, the ceremony of "Give A Hand" Wang Jialian Scholarship was held at Fuzhong. Fifteen Fudan Fuzhong students have been chosen to receive the first installment of this need-based award for the academic year of 2014-2015, which was established by the Foundation in 2007. Party committee secretary WU Jian, Deputy Party Committee Secretary Li Jun, Ms. Zhuang and two alumni representatives of the Foundation attended this ceremony and had a discussion with the recipients.

During the discussion, students introduced themselves and talked about their school lives. They were happy and grateful to receive not only monetary support but moral support from Foundation.

Party committee secretary WU Jian concluded the discussion by emphasizing the meaning of "Give A Hand" Wang Jialian Scholarship. It honors the memory of Ms. Wang Jialian for her care for each student and is a constant reminder for Fuzhong students to help others as she contributed to her students.

The Foundation received words of gratitude from a few of the recipients. The Foundation is proud to make a positive impact on this group of students with needs and would like to express our thanks on behalf of the students to the generous donors who made the Scholarship possible. 

Excerpts of emails from students: 

  • “感谢能够批准我的申请,我将谨遵您们的嘱托,充分利用附中的条件,将自己打造成一个合格的附中人!” 

  • “感谢您们给予我关心与帮助,作为一名复旦的学子。我会加倍地努力学习,使自己成为对社会有用的人才,滴水之恩,今后我当涌泉相报,再次感谢你们。”